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This blog is my creative release and I hope to meet many new bloggers. It will be devoted to all the fun and thought provoking daily or weekly events in blog land that interest me at any given time. I will add a running list of many of these events in my sidebar, and will frequent them often, but continue to look for additional fun things to do in blog land. Please also visit my other blogs devoted to my love of dishes and Christmas.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Blog for Me

You'd think that the last think that I need is another blog, since I already have Playing Dishes that keeps me very busy and my holiday one, Christmas Memories in My Heart that is devoted to my love of Christmas 24/7. In fairness, the Christmas blog is active only on the Rudolph Day on the 25th of each month, the entire month of July for CIJ, and from Thanksgiving through the first of the year. But, still it takes a lot of time for this labor of love.

However, my reasoning for making another blog, is to simplify my life!

I have become a bloggie addict and just love all of the parties and special days and event posts. However, I have found that they sometime interfere with what I am doing on my Playing Dishes site and I have to work really hard to keep things running smoothly.

So, I decided to start a blog that is devoted to all the fun things that I enjoy in blogging that are not dish related. As you can see, the name of this new blog is Memes for Me. It will be used for all the wonderful and fun events that sometimes have no real purpose except for enjoyment or to make us reflect on something. Click on the link to understand exactly what is a meme? The Daily Meme gives a great explanation of this blog term.

I always encouraged my high school students to read and write as much as they could. I reminded them that you can only gain knowledge by seeking it and that it didn't matter what you wrote or what you read as long as you were doing it on a regular basis.The outcome would result in a better person. Very few people remain satisfied with reading or writing only shallow or surface material and usually expand their horizons. Thus, blogging is a great activity.

I hope to meet some new friends on this endeavor. I love all of my friends on my other blogs, but we tend to visit the same places over and over. Here, I plant to branch out often and try new memes.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I wish you luck with your new blog. I lived in Abilene, TX for about 6 years and remember the wind turbines on the way to Lubbock. You got a great picture of them. Dishes are fun too!