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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giant Wind Turbines Against the Sunset


I love this shot of the wind turbines and the Texas sunset. I am totally fascinated by these graceful giants and caught this shot outside of Big Springs, TX in January as the sun was fading.

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  1. The skies in Big Springs are beautiful. This shot is so peaceful looking, but I would imagine that those wind turbines are not so peaceful to listen to. You've done a brilliant job capturing the beauty in those turbines in front of that wonderful sun set.

    Thanks for playing along!!!

    -Tisha, Looking @ The Sky on Friday

  2. they are graceful giants
    and so much prettier since they help save the planet

    the sky is amazing

    beautiful composition

  3. Very nice! I like this shot, too.

  4. They a graceful for sure! Love this picture!